Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Gobble till you wobble..

Turkey day staycation or vacation…that is the question. This is the time of year that begins to get a bit crazy with soirée after soiree, family get togethers and if you’re like me- STRESS! People are pinching pennies more then ever and that is definitely reflected in travel plans….including my own. Thankfully the majority of my family lives in Orlando…semi driving distance (6 hours)…BUT STILL…it would be much easier to board the three (yes three) dogs, take a week or so off work, hire someone to clean the house and do the laundry while we are gone and purchase a plane ticket with the perk of being there in an hour and a half. Ahhhh wouldn’t that be dreamy! I don’t know about you but my thanksgiving isn’t complete without my mom’s turkey and dressing, staying in “comfy clothes,” stuffing myself and some good sleep. It was interesting to see that AAA just reported more Americans, and Georgians, will travel for the Thanksgiving holiday. AAA projects 38.4 million Americans will travel a distance of 50 miles or more away from home throughout Thanksgiving weekend. Hmmmmm….will the trend continue through the holidays? Well…I will be one of those who travels more then 50 miles to get my fill of turkey…

I mean….who could pass this up!

Contributed by Lauren Yawn, Executive Director

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