Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Fall Day in Peachtree City

One of highlights of the fall season has always been taking walks, bike rides and just being outside enjoying the fall colors and cooler weather. In Peachtree City, we have two nature areas that are perfect for enjoying these fall days. If you are planning a day trip to Peachtree City, the day should definitely include visiting these two nature areas.

Line Creek Nature Area
Located on the Coweta/Fayette County line, this 70 acre preserve on Line Creek has a picnic area and fishing pond with gazebo and pier, perfect for an afternoon picnic getaway for the family. The nature area also features two trails offering picturesque views for both the casual walker enjoying the scenery and the adventurous hiker.

Flat Creek Nature Area
This 513 Acre wetland includes a mulch trail, 1200 foot boardwalk and two viewing platforms with benches. The Southern Conservation Trust who manages these two nature areas offers a description of “a walk on the boardwalk in the Flat Creek Nature Area that reveals trees and plants typical of a Piedmont forested wetland, including red maples, chestnut oak, American hornbeam and other native plants like turtlehead ferns and cardinal flower.”

For residents and visitors alike, both of these nature areas offer a great option for a sunny cool day to enjoy nature and the fall colors. For more information on Peachtree City, go to and the nature areas, go to

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