Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Gobble till you wobble..

Turkey day staycation or vacation…that is the question. This is the time of year that begins to get a bit crazy with soirĂ©e after soiree, family get togethers and if you’re like me- STRESS! People are pinching pennies more then ever and that is definitely reflected in travel plans….including my own. Thankfully the majority of my family lives in Orlando…semi driving distance (6 hours)…BUT STILL…it would be much easier to board the three (yes three) dogs, take a week or so off work, hire someone to clean the house and do the laundry while we are gone and purchase a plane ticket with the perk of being there in an hour and a half. Ahhhh wouldn’t that be dreamy! I don’t know about you but my thanksgiving isn’t complete without my mom’s turkey and dressing, staying in “comfy clothes,” stuffing myself and some good sleep. It was interesting to see that AAA just reported more Americans, and Georgians, will travel for the Thanksgiving holiday. AAA projects 38.4 million Americans will travel a distance of 50 miles or more away from home throughout Thanksgiving weekend. Hmmmmm….will the trend continue through the holidays? Well…I will be one of those who travels more then 50 miles to get my fill of turkey…

I mean….who could pass this up!

Contributed by Lauren Yawn, Executive Director

Peachtree City Tourism Board Member Recognition

The Peachtree City Tourism Association (PCTA) would like to congratulate Dave Ring, PCTA Board Member, for receiving the distinguished award of “State Volunteer of the Year” by the Georgia Recreation & Park Association (GRPA). This award is given to individuals for their outstanding volunteer efforts throughout the year.

Dave has been a long time volunteer in Peachtree City (PTC) and member of the Peachtree City Recreation Commission. Also, he has served on the PCTA Board of Directors since it’s inception in 2004.

Dave is a tremendous resource to the PCTA Board of Directors and staff. He has contributed not only time and leadership but has helped build bridges in other tourism areas of interest, such as recreation. Dave is always contributing in the promotion of PTC and Tourism. Through his travels, Dave has been known to wear his PTC baseball cap and deliver the message to many, Peachtree City- “Plan to Stay.” We are proud to have Dave Ring as a member of our organization.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Fall Day in Peachtree City

One of highlights of the fall season has always been taking walks, bike rides and just being outside enjoying the fall colors and cooler weather. In Peachtree City, we have two nature areas that are perfect for enjoying these fall days. If you are planning a day trip to Peachtree City, the day should definitely include visiting these two nature areas.

Line Creek Nature Area
Located on the Coweta/Fayette County line, this 70 acre preserve on Line Creek has a picnic area and fishing pond with gazebo and pier, perfect for an afternoon picnic getaway for the family. The nature area also features two trails offering picturesque views for both the casual walker enjoying the scenery and the adventurous hiker.

Flat Creek Nature Area
This 513 Acre wetland includes a mulch trail, 1200 foot boardwalk and two viewing platforms with benches. The Southern Conservation Trust who manages these two nature areas offers a description of “a walk on the boardwalk in the Flat Creek Nature Area that reveals trees and plants typical of a Piedmont forested wetland, including red maples, chestnut oak, American hornbeam and other native plants like turtlehead ferns and cardinal flower.”

For residents and visitors alike, both of these nature areas offer a great option for a sunny cool day to enjoy nature and the fall colors. For more information on Peachtree City, go to and the nature areas, go to

Monday, November 2, 2009

Creative businesses and products in Georgia

     The Peachtree City Tourism Association, Inc. is encouraging local artisans, entertainers, festival planners and theaters to join and participate in the website from the Georgia Department of Economic Development (GDEcD) and the Georgia Tourism Foundation to assist them in gaining exposure and forming useful partnerships.
     The association also encourages Peachtree City businesses, residents and visitors to check out the website, a detailed creative industries database, as the best way to search for Georgia’s arts-centric businesses: from handmade jewelry to local festivals, pick-your-own farms to performers. This growing directory connects buyers and sellers, corporations and corporate suppliers, locals and visitors to Georgia's cultural assets and creative small businesses.

     Listings on the website are free, so artists, producers and retailers selling authentic Georgia Made Georgia Grown products and productions are eligible to be part of this marketing tool. It is never too late to sign up; simply visit to register.
     The Peachtree City Tourism Association also welcomes those businesses who participate in the to display their information on a short term rotating basis at the Visitors Center. Please contact the staff at or at the Visitors Center located at 10 Planterra Way, Peachtree City, GA 678-216-0282 for more information.