Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Local Peachtree City Businesses participate at Atlanta Dogwood Festival

The PCTA has worked to gather items from local businesses that will showcase Peachtree City in a series of giveaways geared to drive visitors to the Peachtree City booth, located inside the International Village of the Dogwood Festival. Giveaways range in value and include airplane rides, tickets to a concert at “The Fred,” overnight hotel stays, tickets to The Great Georgia Air Show, complete weekend packages, and gift bags and coupons from local businesses. These giveaways will be promoted, throughout the Dogwood Festival, on the PCTA social media sites, including Facebook and Twitter, and on Dogwood radio, a radio station dedicated strictly to the Dogwood Festival that will stream info about the Dogwood Festival all weekend long.
Peachtree City will be the only municipality represented at the 74th Annual Atlanta Dogwood Festival and the Peachtree City booth will offer an interactive way for guests to view Peachtree City. Guests can choose to shoot for a hole-in-one on a 10-foot putting green, watch a streaming video that offers a birds eye view of the 90 miles of golf cart paths, or sign up, on site, for the PCTA social media sites, including Facebook and Twitter. Guests will also be able to vote for their favorite decorated golf cart, the Dogwood Festival’s Mobile Art program, at the Peachtree City booth. In addition, two thousand Peachtree City promotional items and over seven thousand pieces of Peachtree City marketing materials will be distributed among the 200,000 guests in attendance.

“Providing an interactive booth for guests to enjoy was only half the battle, the other half is driving guests to the booth” said Kai Wolter, Vice Chairman of the Board, The Peachtree City Tourism Association. “We had to be creative and immediately thought about getting local business involved to donate items that could be included in a series of giveaways.”
The PCTA would like to recognize and thank the businesses that have contributed to the giveaways, Dolce Atlanta Peachtree, Falcon Field, Hilton Garden Inn, Holiday Inn Hotel and Suites, Wyndham Peachtree Conference Center, Sleep Inn, Sugarfoot Yarns, The Avenue’s, The Frederick Brown, Jr. Amphitheater, The Great Georgia Air Show, The Guide, Air Spruce, Bulldog Supply, Canongate Golf Clubs, Carrabbas, Commemorative Air Force, Georgia Shrimp Company, Partners Pizza, Pascal's Bistro, Peachtree City Golf Cars, Peachtree City Tennis Center, and Yknots.

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