Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Ambassador Program in Peachtree City.

The Peachtree City Tourism Association has started a new program this fall called "The Tourism Ambassador Program".

Tourism Ambassadors will offer a warm welcome to visitors as they visit and stay in our community and attend community events. Ambassadors will also be assisting visitors who come into the Peachtree City Visitors Center. The Tourism Staff is excited to be working with these wonderful ambassadors for Peachtree City and are always looking for more volunteers!

The Tourism Ambassadors have already been out promoting Peachtree City and assisting visitors at this year's Great Georgia Air Show. Two of our great Ambassadors can be seen in the picture above. Stay tuned for updates on the many activities the Ambassadors have planned for the future and remember to look for them at the next Peachtree City event.

If you would like more information about the Ambassador Program and how you can volunteer, contact Jeremy Hogan at jhogan@visitpeachtreecity.com.

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