Monday, August 10, 2009

Peachtree City Coupon Program

In a move to get more in-store traffic from visitors and residents of Peachtree City, The Peachtree City Tourism Association (PCTA) has implemented a coupon program at the Visitors Center. The Peachtree City coupon program is a free consumer affinity program that gives visitors, as well as, resident’s access to special offers and benefits to dine within Peachtree City. "This promotion is yet another example of how Peachtree city is reaching out to the community to assist people in a time of need,” said Peachtree City Tourism Association Information Specialist Jeremy Hogan.

The Visitors Center staff sent out of 100 letters to local restaurants requesting coupons and menu’s to be distributed through the visitor’s centers to local groups, residents, and visitors to boost local revenue. Since the letters were sent out, the PCTA has worked closely with local participating restaurants such as, Ruby Tuesday’s, Partners Pizza, I-HOP, McDonalds, and Maxwell’s on 54 to offer a number of incentives. The PCTA will be advertising the program on there website and through the local media.

“The goal of the program is to boost revenue within the city, as well as, offering an incentive to visitors traveling to Peachtree City., while encouraging residents to discover what is in their own backyard,” said Peachtree City Tourism Association Executive Director Lauren Yawn.

To learn more about the coupon program, visit or contact Jeremy Hogan, Event Coordinator & Executive Assistant at 678-216-0282 or

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